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Greek / American Operational Group Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Memoirs of World War 2


Acknowledgment is notably due to my lifelong partner and wife Mary for her help and constant support. To my daughters Eugenia A. Ahlas and Paula (Paraskevi) A. Gassoumis for their persistence in demanding I document my experiences not only for themselves, but also for the benefit of all my grandchildren. To my son Jamie (Demetrius) for his constant encouragement and assistance and to his wife, my daughter in law Diane (Artemis) Georgiou Mousalimas, for critiquing my work. To my son Soter (Soterios) for the inception of this project, editing of the work, and publication of it. I would be remiss in not mentioning my grandson Harry (Haralambos) G. Ahlas and my grandson Zachary D. Gassoumis, my computer guru. Without them all, this endeavor would not have evolved. With love and devotion, I thank them.

It is important to note throughout these many years I had purposely not told my children, and especially my sons, of my unit's exploits, because I chose not to glamorize war.

Additional thanks and recognition go to my comrades of the "California Five," Nick H. Cominos, Tom P. Georgalos, Alex P. Phillips, and Perry P. Phillips. We served together in the OSS and remained friends through life, reminiscing and recalling shared experiences. Our many "bull sessions" were instrumental sources of information.

I would also like to acknowledge Colonel Peter Clainos, Major Robert Houlihan Sr., Lieutenant Theodore Russell, Colonel George W. Verghis, and First Sergeant Theophanes Strimenos. Their conversations and video taped interviews were additional and important resources.

The vital documents of the National Archives have been invaluable.

Finally, my gratitude to my proof-reader, Ms Ruth Flaxman, Berkeley, California.

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