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Lowell, Massachusetts

The Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association


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The Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association derives from the initiative of a group of Lowell area Hellenes who, in 1996, set about to preserve the heritage of the Greek American community in the Lowell region.


The Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association promotes the preservation and the "telling" of the heritage of the Greek American community in the Lowell, Massachusetts region.

The association is collecting oral histories, people's memories and stories, identifying ways to preserve historic documents and artifacts, sponsoring community programs, such as "remembrances" and exhibits. The association is also publishing works about the Greek heritage in Lowell, and reaching out to you through the World Wide Web.

Triology of Exhibits

The association has produced a trilogy of exhibits that represents the history of the Hellenic American presence in the Lowell area through an initial century, 1874-1974.


Links to the association's on-line publications about the Hellenic American Heritage in Lowell, Massachusetts, are given in an inner page in the association's web-site. This is on-going work; the contents will develop further. Already it offers a list of Greek newspapers in Lowell (listed by year), reproductions of early newspaper articles, a list of coffee houses in Lowell (listed by year), a time-line of some of the local history, as well as memoirs and essays. It even makes some excerpts from selected books available on-line.

The association web-site furthermore provides an opportunity for people to submit their own histories, "Tell Your Story".

The Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association homepage gives links to descriptions about the association, the principals' names, the association's contact data, and a membership form.


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