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P.A.H.H. [d]

Oakland, California
Ascension Historical Society

Verbal Description of the AHS Graphic


The graphic represents the history through a series of images, as follows:

  • views of the original Greek Orthodox church building in Oakland, California.
  • a picture of a banner from fund-raising activities in the 1950s for a new church building: the banner says building now, help.
  • a picture of parent holding an infant: the parent is looking at the child affectionately.
  • a picture of a wedding from the 1920s.

A line of text is written in the foreground, superimposed over the series pictures across the width of the graphic. The line of text says, Ascension Historical Committee, Oakland, California, established 1989.

The graphic contains our original name from 1989, the Ascension Historical Committee. We changed our name in 2007 to the Ascension Historical Society in order to reflect our growth.


The line of text is is mauve in color. The background images are grayish blue and pale white in color. The colors are subtle. The graphic is long and narrow.

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